sulayman ibn razeen

From the writer of ‘Harbinger’ an epic success released in 2016, comes the prequel ‘Harbinger first martyr’ the true historical account of Sulayman son of Razeen, an emissary sent to deliver a letter of peace, and unity to the land of Basra at the Persian border. The letter inspired an ill-fated revolution against the tyrannical rule of the king and was written by Hussain son of Ali, who took a stand against social injustices, discrimination and intolerance when nobody else dared to. His letter invited people of all backgrounds to join him in bringing about harmony in the empire. Sulayman’s journey promises to keep audiences at the edge of their seats as they follow his travels to Persia with the message that he vows to deliver despite all consequences.
This play will bring out a mix of emotions and has been cleverly put together with astounding set designs and costumes inspired by 6th Century Arabia. Experienced actors from last year’s Harbinger play have come together again to bring you this historical but timeless prequel.
harbinger first martyr one take video

Venues in 2017
leicester  |  sat 2 sep  |  sue townsend theatre
north london  |  sat 23 & sun 24 sep  |  arts depot studio & pentland theatres
manchester  |  sat 7 oct  |  z arts main theatre
south london  |  sat 14 oct  |  jags prissian theatre
bradford  |  sat 28 oct  |  bgs hockney theatre
birmingham  |  sat 25 nov  |  mac birmingham​​​​​​​

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