Zainab's Zeal

"I saw nothing but beauty"

Zainab's Zeal is 20 min playlet portraying a glimpse of three of the most calamitous days in the life of Zainab who is famed as the daughter of Ali & Fatemah and grand daughter of the holy prophet Muhammad pbuh. it leads on to her journey to the city of kufa and her heroic stance in the palace of ibn Ziyad. Once revered as the princess of Kufa, she returns to the city as a prisoner in chains. The play climaxes at the resounding words of Zainab where she poetically describes her experiences as 'nothing but beauty' starkly astonishing the perpetrators of the crimes against her, who expected to have broken her by mutilating her brothers, children, nephews and most male members of the holy prophet Muhammad's family in the land of Karbala. Zainab is revered as the standard bearer of islam after the murder of her father and brothers. She was pivotal in exposing the undercover crimes that sought to annihilate the religion of islam and its advocates only 50 years after its inception. 
Theatrical Context 
Zainab's Zeal is one act of an extended full length play focussing on the the life of Zainab before and after Karbala. it seeks to highlight glimpses of her life from birth to her death.

portfolio of presentations
Zainab's Zeal has been critically acclaimed in 2 successful presentations, the first of which was for an audience of 800 as part of the mainstay foundation's muslim conference at coventry in 2023. It was also presented at sharikatul-Hussain Madrasah in Leicester over a separate family friendly showings with humbler numbers of 200. 

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