Nafs az Zakiyyah

"I saw nothing but beauty"

the mahdi is a messianic figure whose return as a saviour of mankind has been foretold in history. The Mahdi was hidden from the evils of mankind and with amazing comparison to christian belief, returns with Jesus Christ to transform the world once it has been filled with injustice.  An Nafs az Zakiyyah (the pure soul) is the story of the emissary appointed by the mahdi who is tasked to hail the arrival of the messianic figure. Much like the harbingers of Imam Hussain were forerunners of his arrival into kufa, it is believed that an Nafs az Zakiyyah is a forerunner to the arrival of the Mahdi into Mecca. in addition much like the harbingers of Hussain were slain for the message they brought, so will nafs az zakiyyah in the precincts of the holy mosque of Mecca.
Historical Context - the 5 definite signs
Historical texts from different religions have recorded many and varied signs before the coming of messianic figures. These not only include terrestrial disasters and abnormal celestial events, but also a series of injustices committed by evil groups led by an antichrist (ref: sufyani) against mankind. this is directly juxtaposed against an opposing rebellion led by a humanitarian (ref: yamani). These form the basis of the 5 definite signs (mahtum) foretold by the holy prophet Muhammad pbuh 1400 years ago before the arrival of his descendant - the mahdi, who will come to rid the world of injustices. an nafs az zakiyyah forms one of these 5 definite signs:
1. The rise of the sufyani as the epitome of injustice
2. The rise of the yamani rebellion against them
3. a cry from the heavens heard by humankind in their respective languages
4. The killing of Nafs az Zakiyyah in Mecca
5. Swallowing of the sufyani army by the sands of the desert
Theatrical Context - trilogy of plays
Much like the Harbinger trilogy, 'the messianic narrative' will be a series of plays beginning with 'the birth' of the messiah which is closely linked to Roman Catholic history from 8th century Constantinople (present day Istanbul). Followed by 'the arrival' a 5 act play, of which nafs az zakiyah is one of the acts. culminating in the finale which would be an attempt to portray the utopian world that the messiah will aim to bring about.
Nafs az zakiyyah has a 20 min run time 

portfolio of presentations
Nafs az zakiyyah has been critically acclaimed in 2 successful presentations, the first of which was for an audience of 800 as part of the mainstay foundation's muslim conference in 2022. It was thereafter presented at Watford community over two separate family friendly showings with humbler numbers of 150. 

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