the story of hurr

The true story of a man named Hurr (meaning 'The Free') who was the chief commander of an army that blindly executed the orders of a self appointed King in 6th Century Mesopotamia. The decree was to stop Imam Hussain, leading a modest cavalry, from igniting an uprising against tyrannical rule.  Hurr initially executed his orders leading 1000 soldiers to prevent the peaceful cavalry of 72 men, women and children from entering the city walls. However,  he is soon overwhelmed by the virtue of Imam Hussain and begins to discern truth from falsehood.  Hurr eventually  abandons his own army to brighten the glimmer of hope for a stray nation. His story has set a precedent of how REFLECTION and REPENTANCE can lead to FREEDOM of oneself from the chains of oppression, tyranny and injustice. This piece of history has volumes to speak for modern day acceptance of such misconduct and choices that we face in being citizens of a nation.


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